10 Detroit Food Bloggers to Follow

The thing I admire most about Detroit food bloggers is that it is a very supportive community. I believe the market cannot ever be saturated because there are simply just too many restaurants and items on the various menus of Detroit restaurants.

What one local food blogger might think is the best restaurant in Detroit, the next may have a different opinion. Each blogger has their own different styles and delivery that makes each review not only unique but needed.

The end result that I think all food bloggers in Michigan are after is helping the local economy, by turning on others to a hidden gem restaurant that they may not have went to if they didn’t see a food review put on their Instagram or website.

Although Drink Detroit is a relative newcomer on the local food blogging scene, I do believe that my background in running social media campaigns for politicians and just SEO in general will quickly make us well sought after by many Detroit restaurants.

Simply put, Drink Detroit is looking to become the Google for searching for the best restaurants in the Detroit and Metro Detroit areas.

We want to be one of the aggregators for those bloggers or vloggers looking to push out content about local restaurants. Just as they would post they foodie videos to Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube, we hope that one day they will post them on this website as well.

So despite our shameless plug of listing ourselves as a Detroit Food Blogger, we will give you our top 10 best Detroit food vloggers that we have found in no particular order.


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