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“A person like me man, I love the game. I love the hustle. Man I be feeling like one of them ball player dudes, you know? Like Bird, Magic or something.” – Money Making Mitch

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The Story Behind Drink Detroit

A cool story on how this shit started will go here. It just won’t be today. In fact, it won’t be tomorrow either.

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Best places to turn up on a budget!

Perhaps maybe you don’t feel like balling out today, come learn the best places to drink and have fun without needing a lot of money in in your pocket.

What People Say

"Drink Detroit is my go to website for finding the best restaurants in Detroit.”
John Hill
“There are some restaurants in Detroit that I would have never known about or dare go to if it wasn't for this blog.”
James Dean
“I've tried a handful of the restaurants you all have shared and I haven't been disappointed yet.”
Hillary Rice
“When looking for a good local restaurant in Detroit, I come here instead of going to Yelp.”
Rodrigo Alonso
“I just absolutely love the personality of the vloggers when reviewing Detroit restaurants.”
Julia Michelle
“I've followed you since Facebook days. Congrats on your new venture of becoming a food blogger.”
Mila Jackson

Meet Your Vloggers

Maya is a published author of “Pages from my Diary”, and also a traveling Chef. She is available to provide coursed meals or a special dinner for an event.

She also provides healthy meal plans and/or meal preparation for people who are too busy to cook for themselves.

You can find additional information about her by visiting her website Smoothies and Soul or by clicking on her instagram link.



Do you have a knack for telling a story while having a good meal at a Detroit restaurant or one in the metro area? If so, send us an email and join our team today.

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